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05 February 2014


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Dear Chau Lih,

I hired a translator for my official documents. The translator has to be certified by the state. To do that, I asked my consulate for a referral of appropriate translators. The word you want is uebersetzer. I went with a woman in Heidelberg, Bettina Winterfeld, and she was very good. My birth certificate was translated for 32euro including VAT.

I found her on this website http://www.bdue.de/indexen.php
*You can add in your native language and your translation language

What it sounds like you need is a Dolmetscher. This is an interpreter. On the day of the wedding, the Dolmetscher stands next to you and interprets the ceremony. A typical Stadesamt ceremony should not be longer than 30 minutes, or 40 with translation so you're not likely to pay for more than an hour.

Our stadesamt would have had to appoint someone who is legally qualified to carry out this work. I personally won't need this. I can speak fluent German, and my German fiancé is fluent in English. At no point has the Stadesamt recommended a Dolmetscher. If you can speak German you might not need this either.

Good Luck!

Chau Lih

Would you mind to share the website where you found the cheap translator? Our wedding is in Berlin in First of August but the translator fee is too expensive EURO60 per hour. :( Thanks.

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