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21 March 2014


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Hi Audra, Thanks for the message! You're welcome to ask questions, and you can do that a number of ways. You can contact me directly on expat blog, or you can post questions/comments here.

I'm always happy to share anything I've learned in the last 4 years, as long as people understand that its what I've learned from my life and I could be totally wrong.

Surviving an LDR is tough, so I recommend expanding your support network as wide as you can, and I read a lot of blogs and online info during the "apart" side of the relationship.


Hey, I found your blog on expat blog.com. I am an American in an LDR with a German. I studied for a semester at the Uni of Mannheim, he is still living there and going to school. I really enjoyed reading your blog, it reminds me of my feelings right now. I'd love to talk with you a bit more and get your opinion on some things. If not, I wish you the best of luck! You and The German (I think that's what you've called him on your blog) are adorable. :)

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